Digital Baby Monitor

What kind of range will you need your digital baby monitor to have?

Every baby monitor has a certain range that it will work within. For example, one might have a two hundred metre range, and another might have a four hundred metre range. This basically means you can go twice as far with the second model as you can with the first.

A Selection of the Best Selling Digital Baby Monitors

Now you might not think you will need a monitor with a very big range, but it pays to get the best one you can. For example, let’s say you have a short garden so even if you are outside you won’t go too far away from where your baby is sleeping.

But supposing you are on holiday and in unfamiliar surroundings? You wouldn’t leave your baby unattended at any time, of course – but you might run into problems if it only has a range of a hundred metres. The rule of thumb is always to get the best range you can; it usually pays dividends, even if not all the time.